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Jimmy Dale

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Jimmy Dale's IRIE Fame and Money

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"JIMMY DALE plays the tunes you like to hear!"

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Jimmy Dale DEAR MR. BENSON pdf CD sleeve
Jimmy Dale AGI'S TUNE CD sleeve
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Jimmy Dale in white sitting w/guitar

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Jimmy Dale

guitarist - vocalist - composer - band leader
In his own unique style, Jimmy plays the tunes you love to hear .
Jimmy Dale may be an anomaly in Los Angeles, CA! From California to Germany, from Honolulu to Italy, Jimmy is an established musician and composer well respected in the jazz circles, and popular in rock, pop, jazz and blues genres with his five piece JIMMY DALE BAND, and widely acclaimed in the reggae community with his JIMMY DALE’S IRIE BAND which was awarded Top Ten Reggae USA sponsored by Reggae Report.
Jimmy has played with legendary bands including: The Drifters, Platters, The Diamonds, The Coasters, Little Anthony and the Imperials, and the fabulous Penguins. He’s opened for Ziggy Marley, Bob Marley’s “Wailers”, Toots and the Maytals, Jimmy Cliff, Third World, and is heard playing guitar on Big Mountain’s CD “Unity” on the hit tune “Baby I Love Your Way” which sold millions. One of Jimmy’s most popular reggae’ compositions, “Rub A Dub” is included in the score of the motion picture, “Sunset Heat” starring Dennis Hopper. Other songs from his IRIE CD, “FREEDOM OF CHOICE,” can be heard on Nickelodeon’s cable network.

Jimmy is very proud of these jazz Singles: “Dear Mr. Benson,” a tribute to George Benson, famed guitarist and recording artist, and “Agi’s Tune” the composition he wrote and recorded for his late wife who passed from cancer. These compositions are considered the most emotional and creative of Jimmy’s original tunes thus far.

Of his success, Jimmy says:

“I was mentored by the best, guitarist Ted Green, Carl Verheyen, Davis Ramey, trumpet/composition with Randy Masters and Tony Horowitz; Joe Sekon, mathematical composition, Ray Drummond, bass and Ray Brown, trumpet and arrangements. But, famed pianist/composer/arranger, Don Schamber had the biggest influence. He taught me how to appreciate and understand jazz, how to compose and had a profound affect on my personal growth and my career.”

Currently Jimmy has been motivated to write and compose tunes about society and the damage done to our planet and our spirits. PLANET BLUE a Latin jazz tune, is ready to be released, with a powerful reggae’ composition, FAME AND MONEY to follow. “We must do better. Please be kind.” Several other tunes are in early stages of development. His favorite activity (other than tennis or softball) is performing live and interacting with the audience at many usual venues, VIP events, cruise ships, fairs, yacht clubs, and charity events.

Contact Jimmy Dale Directly:
Jimmy Dale Music Demo:
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CDs / MP3  

Jimmy Dale IRIE Demo - Jimmy Dale IRIE
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    1. Surfin with TD Maui Style

    2. Malibu Kid

    3. Dear Mr. Benson

    4. Agi's Tune

    5. Big Fat Woman

    6. Hey There Little Girl

    7. Freedom of Choice


www.iTUNES/ of Choice


DEAR MR. BENSON on Amazon:


AGI’S TUNE on Amazon:


To Contact Jimmy Dale Directly:


Jimmy Dale DEMO:  DUO / TRIO / BAND



Jimmy Dale AGI'S TUNE sleeve
Personal Note:
Agi's Tune was created by Jimmy for the 'love of his life' his wife, Agi.  Sadly Agi died of cancer before this composition was finished.
Jimmy Dale  DEAR MR. BENSON sleeve
Personal Note:
George Benson, famed guitarist, performer and recording artist is one of Jimmy's idols.  He composed and recorded Dear Mr. Benson as a tribute to George Benson.
Agi's Tune - Jimmy Dale Original
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Dear Mr. Benson - Jimmy Dale Original
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Sample 3 songs
of 8 on full album
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"Your music makes people smile. It doesn't it get better than that."

Michel and the Summit Gang

"Your music makes people smile."

“No matter how important our message,

it wouldn't be a hit if we didn't have you!  The music was great!"


Anthony J. Braswell / President, NCW / City of Los Angeles

Suzanne Lewis / Chairman, NCW / City of Los Angeles, California

"GEORGE BENSON would have loved the JAZZ INFUSED

homage paid by JIMMY DALE!"

"Your upbeat reggae' music delighted more than 1200 youngsters and their families!"

Eddy S. Tanaka / Director / County of Los Angeles, California

Anthony;J. Braswell / President, NCW / City of Los Angeles

Suzanne Lewis, / Chairman / NCW / City of Los Angeles

"Jimmy you are superb musician and wonderful person.  We are fortunate to have crossed paths while you were playing at Tommy Bahamas in Palm Desert! 


Greg and the Summit Gang



~ Jimmy's Original composition, “Rub A Dub” is heard in the motion picture, Sunset Heat” starring Dennis Hopper.
~ Jimmy's Original "AGI"S TUNE"
is the music score in Bryan Stoller's film
"Little Bear, the WIZARD of PAWS"  Paramount Studios

~ Jimmy's Original composition, “FREEDOM OF CHOICE,”
can be heard on Nickelodeon’s cable network.

~ Jimmy played guitar on Big Mountain’s CD “Unity” on the hit tune “Baby I Love Your Way” which sold millions.


KSBR 88.5 FM
KJJZ 102.3 FM
KSHK 103.3   *Hawaii
WFSS 91.9   *North Carolina
WTCC 90.7  *Massachusetts
WUEV 91.5 - Jazz Flight  *Indiana
KOKY 102.1 FM   *Arkansas
KSBR 88.5 Saddleback College  *California (a Billboard reporting station) Global Radio


Hilton: Universal  Studios


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